SuperCoach Data Round 8 @Third_ManUp

@Third_ManUp lead by Ross and Janath provide you with all the key data you need ahead of Round 8.

Rookie Data Dump: 

We have highlighted our new additions in yellow and our bubble boys in pink! Our rookies on the bubble this week include Lachie Cowan, Leek Aleer and Jai Serong who may have JS/role issues. We also have some lovely looking fellas in Riley Garcia (FWD) and Jake Rogers (MID). Depending on what you need, either of these may be for you!

Our #1 recommended trade-in is Jordon Sweet from Port! His numbers indicate he is simply going to print cash  Looking towards next week, our bubble rookies may include Elliott Himmelberg, Jaxon Binns, Harvey Harrison, Patrick Voss, Cooper Simpson, Sam Day, Darcy Jones, Daniel Turner, Riley Hardeman and Harry Edwards.

A quick note from us: We salute you if you are one of the 4,701 owners of Jase Burgoyne. With a 3 round average of 99.3, he is printing cash! 

Captain's Corner:

Janath's Round 8 VC rankings:

1) Harry Sheezel (vs StK @ Marvel)
2) Sam Walsh (vs Collingwood @ MCG)
3) Zak Butters (vs Ade @ AO)

Ross' Round 8 VC rankings:

1) Sam Walsh (vs Collingwood @ MCG)
2) Harry Sheezel (vs StK @ Marvel)
3) Jack Steele (vs NM @ Marvel)

Janath's Round 8 C rankings:

1) Max Gawn (vs Gee @ MCG)
2) Caleb Serong (vs Richmond @ MCG)
=3) Marcus Bontempelli (vs Hawks @ Marvel)
=3) Zach Merrett (vs WC @ OS)

Ross' Round 8 C rankings:

1) Max Gawn (vs Gee @ MCG)
2) Caleb Serong (vs Richmond @ MCG)
3) Marcus Bontempelli (vs Hawks @ Marvel)